Vitvan was an American Master of the Ancient Wisdom teachings. He lived and worked among other giants of his time, such as Einstein, Steiner, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, Korzybski and Reich. Vitvan taught that we live in a vast energy world and each one of us is a dynamic energy system, a truth known long before modern science proved it empirically. Most individuals experience their universe as a world of solid objects and we go about our daily existence unaware of the energy process of which we are an integral part. In all of us there is a Power-to-be-Conscious that is seeking to manifest itself in our awareness. He outlined a specific methodology for experiencing the energy world and provided detailed instructions for learning to cooperate consciously with the process of expanding self-awareness. The School of the Natural Order was established to preserve his life's work of bringing the Ancient Wisdom Teachings to the modern Western world. Vitvan's students are committed to ensuring that his teachings will still be available when the expected awakening occurs at the end of this present Age. His work provides an accurate guide that will facilitate the establishment of a sustainable reality based on true knowledge and wisdom in this current time of transition, and in the Ages to come.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Way to Heaven is Through Hell

When we can turn our attention to the energy with which we function, with which we think, feel and act, we are turning to the psychic world. Whether we are consciously abstracting or not, whether we are giving value to our abstractions or allowing our energy to flow into creative functioning, it is the energy with which we function which is important. When we turn our attention to that energy we must leave behind the canalized objective identification which has cut us off from recognizing the psychic world. The point we are after is recognizing that energy. Without it we could not stand or sit. Without that energy the “meat-house” that we call a body would crumple to the floor and our real selves would withdraw. But so long as we recognize the power with which we operate, we are turning toward the Natural Order, we are on the way to cooperating with that process we call evolution.  

When that energy first quickens we register it in the generative center. We could use the Sanskrit term adhisthana, but we are trying to build a new vocabulary for these terms in English. For years we have had to borrow terms from the Sanskrit, from the ancient cultures who understood these functions because our own language is so materialized and commercialized. But now we are building a new vocabulary to express this Ancient Wisdom.  

When enough energy is withdrawn from value-giving and objective identification, that energy awakens in the generative center. Some of what I say must be cryptic at this point. Full understanding of the energy in the psyche requires complete freedom from all values concerning the functions of the psyche. Until we are free from all values we can never fully understand the operation of that energy. It is difficult to present this material on the generative center, because it is the focus of all the creative energy which motivates the psyche. It is the "stone which the builders rejected." In our mid-Victorian and puritanical age (not long passed) we were not supposed to even mention that we are bipeds. Trying to teach a simple lesson on the generative center seems to stir up repressed values, canalized reactions, etc. It is difficult to put all that aside and simply focus on the energy and its functions. And it is silly to be ashamed of that force in the generative center. The more force and power awakened on that level, the stronger the psyche will be on all the other levels.
"The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone."
                                                    --Psalm 118:22 (NAS)
There is yet another reason why it is difficult to describe the developing consciousness of the psychic nature. The force in the psyche which surrounds and interpenetrates the configuration is of a higher, finer frequency. Here is a crude analogy. Let us liken the configuration to a framework made of two-inch chicken wire. Let us liken the ‘atomic structure’ of the psychic nature to very dry, fine sand. Workmen can shovel the sand right through that chicken wire as though it were not there. In the same way the energy, the Mother-Substance of which the psychic nature is composed, surrounds and interpenetrates your configuration just like that configuration was not there.

If consciousness functions in objective identification, then according to the degree of intensity of that state, the person will know nothing whatever of what is going on in their psyche. That is one reason why those in objective identification call the activity of the psyche "the unconscious." From the point of view of the objectively identified state, those activities are unconscious. Those activities are like the fine sand passing through chicken wire... When the energy is first awakened in the generative center there will be effects in the sand but the chicken wire framework may not be able to register them. One of the results is on the mental level. If a person has been raised under the mid-Victorian and puritanical concepts, he or she has no desire to hear anything about the generative center. Any activity that is registered there would scare the person to death because of the old concepts of ‘sin’ and ‘hell.’  

…Do you see what I am saying about mental values? The generative center opens and you know you have a generative center! But the mental values are strong. That is why it is difficult to discuss it in plain language. We are talking about the awakening of energy in the psychic nature, so we can learn to function in that world, but the mental values interfere.  

When that energy is awakened there is a down-pouring of force from the throne in the middle of the river, a down-pouring from the tree of life. As it is registered in the generative center there is a corresponding activity on the periphery of the psyche. All of the substances of qualities in the psyche which cannot be utilized by the descending river of life will be cast out. What is not true to the natural order must be expurgated, must be cast out by the power of Light’s Regions. Instead of calling it the "down-flowing stream from the throne," let us call it the "Christos." In the allegorical story of when Christ enters the temple (the configuration), the first thing he does is to scourge the temple and drive out everything that should not be in the temple of God. You will know when the power is awakened by the expurgation of all that does not belong to the Light, to the Natural Order.  

When those qualities and the substances that the qualities represent are cast out on the periphery you become conscious of them, painfully conscious. So long as they are deeply buried and you are engaged mentally in the objective world, they are hidden away (unconscious). You do not know you have them. Your mental censorship prevents you from seeing them. But whatever is driven out on to the periphery you will become conscious of…

But let us take the example of a frequency which you embrace. When it enters on the periphery you are conscious of it. Now associate with that person or place for a long time. When it has fully entered your consciousness you are not aware of it any more. You are at home with it, conditioned to it until you are unconscious of it. Take careful note of this point. There is a lot which we have acquired, that we have cultivated, ignorantly, that has worked its way into the psychic nature and established itself therein. I cannot say how much negative quality is built in to any given one, because it depends on their state of development. But we ALL go through this purificatory process. Much of the content of the psyche must be driven out, expurgated, eliminated from the temple.  

Artist: Luke Brown,
The one going through the purificatory process cannot say, “Pretty please?” When you want to get rid of these things you must be positive. The Light will drive them out to the periphery and then you must tell them to get out. It does not matter that you wanted peace and loveliness and love and the kingdom of God. It does not matter that you do not want to look at these entities. The way to heaven is through hell. If this sounds too strong, then perhaps this is not really your teaching or your School. But according to the way we see it, the way to heaven is through hell. The first step in understanding the psychic nature is the purificatory process. To become conscious of your Self, these entities must be driven to the periphery of the psyche. Then you must cooperate with the cleaning of the temple. You must get positive with the imps and devils…

“I came here to the home of truth… and now just look at poor old me. I just wanted peace and love. That teacher must be an S.O.B. if he is causing me to feel this...!” Do you see my point? How many wonderful teachers are crucified because their students cannot understand the functioning of that influence of Light? They are not prepared for the reactions and the accusations. They do not have a clear perception of how the Light purifies the temple...  

We are up against strong censorship when we present this material. The student does not want to confess what the psyche contains. In the student’s mentalized egotism, he is only worried about whether his halo is on straight. But the temple must be cleaned. The entire content of the psyche must be cast out on the periphery and that which is true to the Natural Order is retained. That which is not worthy is burned in the fire.  

That is why many teachers simply retreat and go away to be forgotten. They do not want to contend with all these false accusations and alibis, etc. All they wanted is to help others to purify their psyche, but what a struggle to get by that censorship! We will struggle again and again until we understand how the psyche functions…

 ~ Vitvan, Understanding the Psychic Nature

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